35th Annual Nebraska Mennonite Relief Sale

Striving For Peace: Piece by Piece

April 4 & 5, 2014

Thanks to everyone who came out to support this years Nebraska Mennonite Relief Sale. This was the 35th Annual sale in Nebraska to help support the programs of Mennonite Central Committee. This years sale raised approximatly $206,890 to help reach people around the world. Keep checking back for further updates and information.


Please check out all of the information on this site, including sale totals, pictures and information on each and every item sold this year. The financial information may change slightly over the next few days so keep checking back. The church donor reports link below shows EVERY item donated to this years sale based on the church that it came from. To find out information about what you brought, look through you church's information or search keywords.


Below is a video showing the entire sale, from setup to the end, in about 3 minutes. Enjoy:


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